The Teapot of Hope

The Teapot of Hope

For centuries the kitchen table has been the gathering space where stories have been told and where comfort and support has been offered over a mug of tea. A space for conversation, sharing and a shoulder to cry on and a hand of support all with the healing mug of tea.

Image of Tea Pot of Hope

The Teapot of Hope sits to the side, a strong, powerful, worn metal teapot that has been witness to many gatherings around the table. Warming the coldness and soothing the sadness with a cup of healing. Here we have exposed the inner spirit of the teapot a painted ladder rises to the top of the lid, symbolic of the rise to hope out of depths of despair.

The Tablecloth

The central theme to the cloth is the Caravan wheel with 7 spokes. The edge of the wheel carries the message: ‘ at the end of the tunnel reach out there is a hand’ the spokes reach out from the centre carrying the names of the agencies that offer support and a safe house to victims: Women’s refuge, Samaritans, Priests and elected Councillors.

The Hands

Each hand has a jewel in the Palm representing the preciousness of a life and representing the victims of violence.

The Children

Between the hands are the symbols of the children often innocent witness to the violence, Loved and protected between the hands of their mothers.

The Centre of the Wheel

In the centre of the wheel there is darkness, the blackness of despair and pain, emotional and physical. Out of the depths two hands reach forward, grasping for the ladder to climb out to the light. Surrounding the darkness there are broken chains, representing breaking the spiral of violence, with word, ‘First Steps Get Out’.