Staff & Volunteers

Staff & Volunteers


Project Manager: Emer Hickey

Contact Emer at 0879905403 or 0539489017

Email Emer at [email protected]


Administrator & Welfare Rights worker: Karen Kenny

Contact Karen at 0539489017

Email Karen at [email protected]


Family Support Worker: Fiona Chapman

Contact Fiona at 0892732388 or 0539489017

Email Fiona at [email protected]


Community Development Worker:

Contact 0894477584 or 0539489017

Email [email protected]


Ukrainian Family Support Worker: Mari Kolomiiets

Contact Mari at 0894914493 or 0539489017

Email Mariia at [email protected]


General Email: [email protected] or [email protected]


Sunniva Collier

Contact Sunniva at 0539489017


Reception Volunteers: Darina, Anita, Heather, Mary


Gorey Family Resource Centre is heavily reliant on volunteers as without our volunteers we would not be in a position to deliver our counselling service and some of our support services.

Volunteer counsellors working in the Centre are:  Anne Colgan – Counselling Psychotherapist, accredited supervisor MIACP; MIAHIP; MECP. Anne’s role is to support the counsellors and work with the counselling sub-group to ensure the Centre continues to develop counselling services, in line with best practice.

Counsellors working in the Centre are: Louise Pollard, Rosemary Cahill, Aja Dormer, Roberta Wilkin, Avril Rothwell, Melanie Egan.


Gorey Family Resource Centre current voluntary board members include: Beatrice Kinsella (Chairperson), Darina Ryan (Secretary), Rory Bracken (Treasurer), Collette Fassnidge (Vice Chairperson), Tom Fortune, Mary Keogh Hansen, Teresa McCann. 

All members of the board are local volunteers, who give their time to support the delivery of the work in the Centre.  They represent the general public with a broad range of backgrounds, experiences, expertise and knowledge of local and national issues. The VBOM meet on a monthly basis and have overall responsibility for meeting contractual obligations to funders.